Thursday, June 08, 2006

al-Zarqawi is dead

Score one for the good guys.

For those people who complain about the methods and techniques used to kill terrorists, claiming that we violate the Geneva Conventions and other treaties, I have a little news for you:

Terrorists do not qualify for treatment under the Geneva Convention!

To claim coverage, you must follow certain rules, including:

"the prohibition on deliberately attacking civilians; and the prohibition of certain inhumane weapons. It is a violation of the laws of war to engage in combat without meeting certain requirements, among them the wearing of a distinctive uniform or other easily identifiable badge and the carrying of weapons openly. Impersonating soldiers of the other side by wearing the enemy's uniform and fighting in that uniform is forbidden, as is the taking of hostages." (

The terrorists are not prisoners of war, they are criminals and monsters.  As such, they do not qualify for - nor deserve - the humane treatment reserved for real prisoners of war.

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