Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bitching about the MSM

MSM is a secret code word that bloggers use to indicate the mainstream media. It shows that we are, "In the know".

I have heard many conservative fold complain about the mainstream media. I've done it myself. But few people are doing anything about it.

People ask, "but what can be done?"

Well, go to other sources for your news. There are hundreds, if not thousands of sites on the internet that report news from all over the political spectrum on all sorts of topics. Go to them. Read the ones you like. Personally, I'm partial to the more conservative ones.

And now, the secret:
BUY PRODUCTS that are advertised on those sites!!

The reason that Fox / CNN / ABC / CBS / NBC / PBS / whoever can give whatever slant to the news they want is because of advertisers. Advertisers pay the salaries of all of those reporters, editors, copyrighters, writers, etc, etc, etc.

The news sources that you like will become more capable if you buy products that are advertised on those sites. The sites can show that advertising there works, and can increase prices, making more profit, and reporting more news the way you want.

Simple, really.

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