Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It's the Devil, I tell ya! The Devil!

I guess one of the unwritten rules of running for public office is, "don't say anything that makes you sound like a nut."

But hey, were human, and we all sound like nuts eventually.

I got a chuckle when I read the story from the 3rd Congressional District about John Jacobs comment.

If I were in the 3rd district, I'd still vote for him.

There is evil and good in the world. Certainly there is a lot of grey area that is open for debate, but there are some things that are just good, and others that are just evil.

An example of good would be Mother Theresa. She showed us one of the potentials of humanity. Personally, there is no way I can reach her levels, but I can still see it as a potential goal for me.

Then there is evil. The torturing of soldiers before killing them is one example. Abusing children. Talking on cell phones during a movie.

Ok, perhaps the third one is open to some debate.

I do not know if there is a personal embodiment of evil out there. If there is, I hope the counterpart is alive and well. Recognizing that evil exists is one of the requirements of civilization. Identifying evil things and saying, "this is the line which we will not cross," is what separates us from... well, I don't know what it separates us from, but I don't want to be one of them, whatever they are.

There are people that do evil, and some of them can be rehabilitated. Others must be removed from our society. We have laws and police and ourselves as tools that can identify and deal with these people.

The really scary ones are the people who do not see that evil and good exists. Everything is dependent on a, "certain point of view." For them, by taking the correct point of view, anything - including the most vile and disgusting acts - can be justified and even accepted. These chameleons are difficult to spot because they can "justify" their actions.

They cannot be rehabilitated - at least not many can. They can only be removed from out society. The problem is, how do we find them?

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