Sunday, August 13, 2006

It was just a toothache!

A few days after my last post, I developed a toothache in a tooth that I had a root canal done two years ago.

Then it got worse. The toothache was an infection.

I had the tooth pulled on the 25th of July.

Then it got worse. The toothache infection became systemic.

On the 29th, I went into the emergency room at 11pm.

After transferring hospitals on the 30th, I had surgery. I woke up with a breathing tube stuck up my nose and lots of tubes running into my veins delivering such things as morphine for the pain and antibiotics.

The sad part is that morphone doesn't seem to work on me. Fortunately for me, there are other pain killers, and they work fine. Lortab doesn't work either, but Percocet does.

Anyway, I got out of the hospital on the 3rd. Since I have no insurance, I have no idea how I am going to pay for everything.

The good news is that except for some ugly scars on the bottom of my chin, I'm going to be fine.

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Sal Casley said...

Oh, thank God you were fine back then! A simple toothache can really put someone in a severe condition. It shouldn't be ignored once felt! Good thing that your dentist and the hospital were able to relieve your condition. One should alwasy maintain the health of his or her teeth after consulting with the dentist, so that those things never happen.