Thursday, November 23, 2006

So, who decides?

I just caught a short glimps of a re-run of "Designing Women." In it, a news stand just up the street started selling pornographic materials. They had a large poster of a woman in leather and chains as an advertisement. The leader of "Designing Women" took offense and ran over it with her car. Once the newstand owner realized this, he asked, "Who made you the decider of what is inappropriate?" (or something like that).
I though of a response: "The same power that made you the decider of what is appropriate."
So, if someone decides that it is appropriate to display something in my face, such as burning the flag, pornography, or something else that I do not wish to have forced on me, shouldn't I be able to respond to that force? Also, with force?

Just a thought.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Too long - too much stuff

I really should be posting at least twice a week. I'll do that, starting now.
The BIG news - Britney is divorcing Kevin!!!!

Oh what a wonderful world, if that were only so.

The scariest thing on my mind: Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.
Fortunately, even though they have a (bare) majority in the Senate, the Democrats need a few more votes to REALLY get anything done there. The Republicans had legislation held back because the Democrats didn't like it, now they can (hopefully) prevent too much damage from being done.

So, looking at the election results, I can make the following claims:
1) Most people see no REAL difference between the parties
2) Most of the differences are on topics that few people care about
3) People are disappointed

Mainly, it's the third item, combined with the first. When the Republicans took "control" of the Congress, people expected changes to be made. They weren't. Republicans had 12 years, and no real changes were made. Like most people, I want to know, "Why?" Here are some excuses:
1) The Democrats threatened to filibuster
2) We didn't have enough votes for a super majority
3) We were all watching the results of the Britney Spears / Keven Federline stuff.

Ok, so I made that last one up.
So what if they threatened to filibuster? Let them. Oh - wait. You all go home at 5pm and continue in the morning. But, why couldn't they extend the session? Let it continue (i.e. don't close) until the Senators of the Democratic Party that were "toeing the party line" got fed up and allowed a vote? I know that Congress is the most prestigious debating society in the world, but when I took a debate (and I admit that it was "only" a high school class), putting my hands over my ears and loudly proclaiming, "I can't hear you! Na Na Na!" wasn't among the approved debating methods.
Change is coming. Finally. The Republican leadership finally pulled their collective heads out of... the sand.

I hope.