Monday, December 04, 2006

IM with my friend Mark

Argh! Too long again!

I've just completed an IM session with a friend from high school. He's in the military in another country (not Iraq or Afghanistan) and has some interesting things to say about Iraq.

First, I want to say I am proud to see how he turned out, and honored to have him as a friend. He's gone through Airborne training and been in the special forces.

He is not thrilled with President Bush and his Iraq policy. However, he said, "Be we [the Army] are soldiers, and we will do what we are ordered to."

But, he went on to say that they are not fighting a standing army. His implication, and I stated it for him, was that they were fighting in Iraq as if they were up against a normal standing army.

"It is a police action. Use the FBI or the CIA."

We are going to be in Iraq for 30 years. That's how long it will take to re-educate the people. Then, we can sit back and watch them "conquer" the reqion with ideas and economics. It worked in Japan.

We need to stop using our troops as police officers. They do not have the training, equipment, or temperment. Our troops are trained to find the enemy and kill them.

Let them do what they are trained for. Let the CIA, FBI, special forces, etc., do all of the intelligence work they are capable of doing.

I think we should stay in Iraq and make good on our promises. I just don't like the way we are doing it.

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afton said...

followed you over here from the sltrib site...on this point, i'm not sure "tradtional warfare" where a country takes on american army vs army is ever going to happen again...interesting point...none of these countries have an air, the army needs to "re-tool" to fight urban street fighting warfare...