Friday, May 25, 2007

Talked my client out of hiring me

Yesterday, I finished a contract job. I spent a total of 11.5 hours working for them. The contracting agency gets a bit over half, but for a short job, that's fine.

I had the opportunity to have the contract extended - perhaps as long as a month, maybe even more. But, they asked for my "expert" opinion, and I told them: you can't do what you want to do the way you want to do it. Basically, because of some tools that they must use, they would have to take their current system (technology which I am very familiar with) and replace it with a new one based on another technology, which I am only slightly familiar with. I told them that although I could help with the new system, their money was better spent on other consultants who knew more.

That's the way it should work, isn't it?

Too many soldiers dying in Iraq = racism?

I had a thought a while ago. There are a number of people that want the United States to pull out of Iraq because, "X amount of soldiers have died! That's too many!"
Now, as far as I understand it, most "experts" in the Middle East believe that Iraq will implode into a horrendous civil war if the U.S. pulls out. More people would die than if we stayed. The detractors have responded, "but they aren't American soldiers!"
Aren't they implying that thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of Iraqis are "worth" less than a few thousand American troops? That is something that can be inferred easily enough.

I'm not going to call any of those people racists. I seriously doubt that they ever thought of things this way. They are just people that think that a war is the worst possible thing imaginable, and it must be avoided at all costs.