Saturday, September 29, 2007

Demogogery - I'm going to fight

I am sick and tired of reading phrases like "Republicans always..." or "Democrats always..."

Demogogery is killing our country.

There is nothing wrong in supporting your preferred political party, or standing by and supporting members of it, but we go too far.

Representative Jackson, from Louisiana, caught with $90,000 wrapped in aluminum foil in his freezer. He was removed from various committee positions in congress. My question - why is he even IN congress? I know, innocent until proven guilty, but members of congress are supposed to know better.

Senator Craig, from Idaho. Ok, he's a creep, and possibly a closet homosexual, and it was a "sting" operation, etc, etc. But, he is a Senator!!!!! His actions AFTER his arrest, and how he handled it were juvinile. I would expect such behavior from a 19 year old who didn't have a clue about the legal system, but a senator??

And to all of you who "stand by" your man - stop it already. Hold them to higher standards than "normal" society. Actually, if we held our government "leaders" to the same standards that we have for other people in our neighborhoods, I doubt many would ever be re-elected.

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