Sunday, August 03, 2008

Obama is...

Obama is, according to his own speech, black!!!!
So what?
I have no doubt that there are people out there that will hold that against him. In fact, last night I was at a friends house where a "friend of a friend" declared that a mixed color couple is "disgusting!" I asked him why - he had no answer.
Fortunately, I don't think he actually votes.
I believe I am speaking for the vast (90%+) majority of Americans when I say, with regards to race, "I don't care."
I don't care that Barack Obama is black (and white, and Arab). I don't care that Nancy Pelosi is white. I don't care that Jesse Jackson is black. I don't care that Al Frankin is white. I don't care that Al Sharpton is black.
You get the picture.
What I do care about is ideas, ideology, proposals, and actions. And when I look at the ideas of these people, I cringe. When I look at their ideologies, I wince. When I look at their proposals, I worry.
And when I look at their actions, I get confused. They say one thing - how people should behave, how people should act, how people should live, and yet they don't even try to live according to the rules they want the rest of us to live under.
I'm not talking about the "hypocrisy" of a chain smoker (or any other type of drug addict) who tells others not to smoke or do drugs. Those people are speaking from experience, saying, "look what it did to me!"
No - the hypocrisy of the "leaders" on the left (and, unfortunately, some on the right), seems to be saying that there are several sets of rules: one for the unwashed masses, and others for the "privileged few" at the top.
Race? Who cares. Religion? Ditto.
I do not judge them by the color of their skin, but the content of their character.

And I find it wanting.

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