Sunday, June 21, 2009


Ok, according to recent estimates, the cost of President Obama's health care plan over a 10 year period will be over $1 trillion over a 10 year period. That seems like a LOT of money. If fact, it IS a lot of money - even by the standards Washington, D.C.

There are also estimates that it will only cover 10 million people.

So, I did some thinking.

Let's make some ridiculous assumptions.

1) Every person of this 10 million people is in a 4 person family, giving us a total of 2.5 million families.
2) Overall, the families have average medical needs.

Now, according the National Coalition on Health Care, the average cost of health insurance for a 4 person family is $12,700 per year.

Now, some math:
Number of families: 2.5 million
Average cost of insurance: $12,700
Total annual cost: $31.75 billion
Total 10 year cost: $317.5 billion

So, my question:
Why not save a bunch of money and just buy private insurance for them?

(edited a couple of times to to correct spelling mistakes and other typos - my keyboard can't spell)

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