Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sutherland institute

I am dismayed at some of the comments I have heard about the Sutherland Institute and their current approach to illegal immigration.
On this one issue alone, many people have chosen to excoriate them and completely remove their support.

That is their choice.

However, my take is a bit different. I do not agree with the Sutherland Institute on illegal immigration, but there are many other political issues that I do agree with them on. Whenever they make a statement about illegal immigration, I will read it with an extremely critical eye. I might agree with the statement, but I probably won’t.
Limited government, private property, free markets, family, traditional marriage, global warming climate change – these are all issues on which they are correct.

For any group, why can’t we support them on issues where we agree with them, and oppose them where we disagree? It is difficult enough for us to find issues where we agree.
Republicans have (in recent history) been our own worst enemies. It seems to me that if we couldn’t agree 100% with a candidate, then we must oppose them. John McCain was not my first choice for the Republican candidate for President (I liked Fred Thompson). But, he would have been immeasurably better than President Obama. That is why, once Senator McCain became our candidate, I supported him.

Don’t like the position of the Sutherland Institute on illegal immigration? Fine – I don’t like it much, either. I will not completely condemn them, though, since I agree with them (to some degree) on so many other issues.

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