Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I almost quit on Saturday

I have been running for various positions in the county and state Republican parties (Davis county, Utah) over the past several years.
Precinct chair (numerous times), precinct vice chair, county delegate (4x), state delegate(4x), county vice chair (2x), county chair, state chair, state central committee (3x), state executive committee, state Constitutional and Bylaws committee, legislative vice chair, and senate vice chair.
To say that I have performed poorly would be an understatement. So far, I have won Precinct Chair a couple of times, won precinct vice chair the one time I lost precinct chair, won state central committee only when a previouis member became state vice chair and I was next in line, won re-election to state central committee, and lost everything else. And lost badly.
This last saturday, for C&B committee, I garnered 11 votes during the first round of balloting (6 of the 7 slots were filled), and 3 votes on the secon round. When I only got 3 votes, I desided to drop out of the race.

I was then seriously considering quitting. I have been learning about the issues, people, and processes of our political system. I have been carefully identifying problems that I can solve, and proposed numerous solutions - all of which have passed. So, why couldn't I get elected to a higher position? What was I doing wrong?

People that I talked to liked my ideas, generally. Even people who disagreed with me liked me, since we could discuss the issue and where and hy we disagreed. So, why couldn't I get elected to a higher position? What was I doing wrong?

So, I went down a checklist of possibilities. There was only one remaining issue: religion. I am not a member of the local predominant church. I can't/won't joind a church just for political asperations - that would be very wrong. So, if this was the case, what chance do I have?

So, I was seriously considering quitting.

But, right at the right moment, someone spoke to me. I won't tell his name, but I will say he is of considerable importance in the party, and I value his opinions and work very highly. (I may post his name if he ever gives me permission, though).

So, what did he say? "Tom, I was one of the three final votes for you. I think you have great ideas and have been doing excellent work." (note: paraphrasing).

Just some simple words. It made my entire year.

Look out world - you ain't seen nothing yet!

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