Sunday, September 13, 2009

I am tired, but I have an idea.

I read a lot of news online. I read a lot of blogs online (thought: where else can I read them?)

I also read the comments.

I shouldn't.

Most of the comments are nothing but name calling. And inane name calling. I've heard better name calling from 4th graders.

And I just called the name-callers a name. Actually, no. I called the name callers name calling a name.

Note: I can easily understand the previous lines. Being a software developer, I am fully knowledgeable of recursive structures and words having multiple meanings. Anyway, it made sense to me at the time. When I reread it in a few months, I will probably say to myself, "Huh?"

Most of the comments sections on news sites and on blogs allow people to "vote" on a comment. They also allow you to "hide" comments that are too negative. What if someone had some computer software that could look at a commend and objectively rank it according to name calling? I could then hide all of those "comments" and then read the 5% that have something interesting to say (even if I disagree with it).

More research will be done.

EDITED: corrected spelling.

EDITED: A good example: - As Captain Hook would say, "Bad form, gentlemen, bad form."
We don't have to be disagreeable.

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