Friday, September 11, 2009

President Obama will chair the United Nations Security Council for September, 2009

For September, 2009, the United States of America will chair the United Nations Security Council. As I understand it, the position rotates through the 15 members of the security council every month. My initial thoughts are that a one month rotation sounds goofy, but considering the strange world of international politics, I can't think of a better solution off the top of my head.
I did some research and I also discovered that the United States has a person that was appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate to be the Ambassador to the United Nations. In fact, our ambassador, Susan Rice, was confirmed unanimously! Since I know next to nothing about what makes a qualified ambassador, I will take the confirmation by the Senate to mean that she is extremely qualified for the position.

So, why is President Obama doing her job?

Doesn't he have other things to do?

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